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This comprehensive 12-week, hands-on course will EQUIP and TRAIN you to learn and experience these truths:

Class 1

Discipleship: What does it really mean to be a follower of Jesus?  The three characteristics every disciple must have.

Class 2

The Kingdom of God, part 1: What is Kingdom authority?  How to position yourself to prosper under God’s authority and protection.

Class 3

The Eternal Purpose of God: What does the Lord truly desire? Identifying and removing hindrances to fully knowing the Lord.  How to guard your heart.

Class 4

Waging War Against Strongholds: Mindsets that keep you in slavery.  How to identify and tear down ungodly thought patterns and habits.  Experiencing the Father-heart of God.

Class 5

Building the Godly Stronghold of a Renewed Mind.  How to avoid deception.  How to position yourself for advancement in the Kingdom of God.

Class 6

God’s Prophetic Promises and Mandates.  Can every disciple prophesy the word of the Lord?  What does prophetic ministry actually accomplish?  How to see every situation from the Lord’s prophetic perspective.

Class 7

The Nature of His Voice: Is that You, Lord…or me…or the devil?  How to remove doubt concerning His voice.  Four keys to receiving fresh revelation from the Lord.

Class 8

The Kingdom of God, part 2: How do we “seek first” His kingdom?  How to participate in advancing the Kingdom.  How to recognize the various ways God speaks to us.

Class 9

The Kingdom of God, part 3: Discerning your divine Kingdom connections.  Where do you “fit-in” within the Body of Christ and the Kingdom?  Discovering your Kingdom purposes and calling.

Class 10

Prophetic Protocol: What do I do with the prophetic revelation I receive?  How to effectively handle and present prophetic revelation.  How to properly respond to the prophetic ministry you receive.

Class 11

Prophetic Evangelism: Exposing the secrets of the heart.  How Holy Spirit can use you to speak prophetically to those who are not yet following Jesus.  Introduction to using dreams and dream interpretation to share the gospel.

Class 12

Faith to Prophesy: “Open your mouth and I will fill it.”  What is “faith” and how do you “grow” it?  How to overcome fear and intimidation, and become bold in the Spirit.


Please note: This class schedule is tentative and subject to the leading of Holy Spirit.  It’s possible we may need to meet for more than 12 weeks in order to complete the curriculum, so please adjust your personal schedule to accommodate this possibility.


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